The Aerial.css project is a documentation that will help you understand how to use our micro css framework at Algolia

This documentation will show you the concepts and classes to use in order to build Algolia pages with the right style ✨

Usage - Aerial bundled

This micro framework is based on bootstrap

To start using aerial.css, simply do npm install algolia-aerial or yarn add algolia-aerial

Depending to your need, go to your main css / sass file, and add :

Dist - Bundled file

@import './node_modules/algolia-aerial/dist/aerial.css';

Src - Source file

@import './node_modules/algolia-aerial/src/stylesheet/aerial';

Usage - with source files

You can get an aerial project easily running by downloading the 'aerial-starter-project' which got the base with everything you need to get started!

You'll find in this project a stylesheet importing all the needed components directly from the node_modules folder.

To keep this starter project as flexible as possible, there is no build / compiling tool. So, once downloaded, you'll have to use whatever system you like to compile the site.sass file

Get the zip file